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What to do if you get married after applying for Canada Immigration?| HYER Migration

Canada immigration applications can often take months, or even years, to process. It is possible that people's lives will change while they wait. Getting married, for example, is a common change that an applicant goes through while waiting for their application to be processed. Hyer Migration helps such issues of yours and process your applications with perfection. As we are the top immigration consultants in Dubai, let

us help you understand this issue.

Assume your family composition changed while your permanent residency application was being processed. In that case, you can find out how it will affect your application and what steps to take.

It is critical to remember that you must notify IRCC of any changes to your application, including any information about dependent spouses.

As previously stated, you must notify IRCC of any changes in your family composition, such as marriage and the addition of a spouse. You do, however, have the option of listing your spouse as a dependent on your application. Alternatively, you can apply for your spouse separately (this may require more paperwork).

Even if your spouse is not accompanying you to Canada, you must notify IRCC of the change in your marital status.

Before IRCC processes your application, you can add your spouse.

If your application is still in the early stages and awaiting a decision, you can include your spouse. Depending on the type of application, you may be required to complete the following forms for your spouse.

Documents to include:

  • Marriage certificate (in English or French)

  • Updated birth registration or marriage ID (if applicable)

  • Any official document from the place of marriage

Other documents supporting a genuine relationship

  • Evidence of joint finances, such as joint bank accounts, bills, or investments

  • Friends and family letters

  • Photographs from various occasions

  • A shared lease, for example, is evidence of cohabitation.

  • Any other documentation demonstrating your genuine relationship

To add your spouse, you may be required to pay the following application fees:

  • $75 sponsorship fee

  • $570 processing fee

  • Fees for biometrics: $85

  • Fee for permanent residency: $515

How do you add your spouse after you receive an ITA?

If you received an Invitation to Apply and submitted your application, you could still include your new spouse. First, notify IRCC of your recent marital status change. Then, IRCC will send you a list of the documents you'll need to include your spouse in your application.

How do you determine your spouse's immigration status after including her in your application?

Log in to your "My Account" and view details if you added your new spouse to your application and want to know if IRCC has processed your updated information.

Check to see if your application lists any dependents after you open your account. If no dependents are added to your account, this means that IRCC has not yet processed your spouse's information.

Furthermore, spouses must be eligible for entry into Canada under current immigration laws, which means they must meet security, criminal, and medical requirements. If they fail to meet any of these criteria, they will be deemed inadmissible to Canada, which will have an impact on your PR application.

Getting married while your PR application is still being processed but you have yet to enter Canada.

If your PR application is approved but you are currently outside of Canada, make sure to update your marital status before returning to Canada. IRCC may reconsider your application. Failure to notify IRCC, on the other hand, may be considered a misrepresentation and may have an impact on your PR and future applications.

Even if your spouse is not accompanying you to Canada, you must notify IRCC of a change in marital status before arriving. If you added your spouse, they may investigate your spouse's medical history and grounds for inadmissibility.

You can also sponsor your spouse to bring you to Canada. However, the procedures for applying for outland and inland spousal support differ.

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