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HYER Migration

HYER Migration was founded in Dubai more than 5 years ago with the goal of providing comprehensive and personalized immigration services to individuals and families seeking a new life in Canada.


The company was started by a group of experienced immigration consultants and lawyers, who saw a need for a professional and trustworthy agency in the Dubai market. They wanted to create an agency that would provide a one-stop-shop for all of the immigration needs of their clients and help them navigate the complex and ever-changing immigration process.

In the beginning, the team faced challenges in building trust and credibility with clients, but with their hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing the best possible service, they were able to establish a strong reputation in the market. The company's success can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of the team, their commitment to providing personalized solutions, and their focus on transparency and honesty in the immigration process.

With the help of their team, HYER Migration has been able to process over 5000 applications for Canadian immigration and has helped many individuals and families achieve their dream of living in Canada. The company serves clients not only from Dubai but also from other Gulf regions and Pakistan. The company has a multilingual team that can assist clients in different languages and understands the cultural nuances, which is a great advantage for clients from different backgrounds.

The team at HYER Migration is dedicated to making the immigration process as stress-free as possible for their clients. They understand that every client's situation is unique and work closely with them to understand their specific needs and goals. They pride themselves on providing pre-arrival services such as finding accommodation, setting up bank accounts, and finding employment.

HYER Migration continues to grow and expand its services to provide its clients with the best possible outcome for their immigration applications. The company's goal is to help individuals and families make a seamless transition to their new life in Canada and achieve their dreams. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to providing the highest level of service, HYER Migration is the perfect choice for anyone looking to immigrate to Canada.


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